Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lasting Friendship

This is something magical. A beautiful poignant moment…..

I watched this video clip yesterday, This is an actual story that took place way back in the late 60s but of late have been going the rounds via You Tube .It’s never to late to catch a glimpse of this amazing tale ,that has captured millions of hearts and now has mesmerized mine too. It's simply astounding. It tells us how animals too have feelings just like –human beings. Animals also show emotion.They are as friendly as people and treat humans with respect and love as shown in this clipping, that I have attached for your perusal. ( courtesy You Tube) . This tells the story about two friends who had a Lion cub as their pet. And when the cub started maturing ,he became a little too big for their apartment, that they had no option but part ways. Consequently, the owners made a decision to introduce him to Africa and resettle him into the wild. This footage shows that even after adapting to the new environment and after a lapse of one year this ‘Faithful Friend’ did not forget his two best friends who raised him.

This in point of fact teaches us something – about friendship. Friends are eternal, even if distant apart.It is a profound rapport between individuals . Friends should learn to pass through the many obstacles that come their way with a non judgmental attitude.And that's why! A solid foundation based on mutual trust and understanding , paves the way for a lifelong friendship. This way,undoubtedly, the bond that is established would be cemented for a lifetime.

Most of the time, the changeover from being just friends to true friendship takes place with time. Friendship is preserved by way of contributing our time - caring, listening and talking, with one another. Accepting each others defeats and failures is another factor to build an everlasting friendship... It takes time and effort to strengthen an association. It is built gradually.