Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time And Tide Wait For None

Sometimes I have the tendency to put off things that should be dealt with right away. By postponing the task  for another day, I found that things have got amassed and the task, mind-numbing .Like for instance clearing my emails that have gone beyond a thousand. That does n't mean I have a  thousand friends sending me mails everyday. My two boys recently became members of an online game site and pleaded  with me to sign in for their  newsletter and from that day onwards,my inbox has been piling  with mails, mails that keep coming  from Aliens,Robots and Farm animals. Then there are the spammers who send dubious mails trying all sorts of  tactics  to convince me into believing something about  winning a lottery or  that I have been  bequeathed  with a fortune  from  a relative whom I have never heard of.Do I fall for those !No way..Somehow or the other, spam mails  have found their way into my inbox,turning  my mail box into a junk box. A boxful of doubt and uncertainty. Hence it’s obvious, I find it difficult to put together the good and dispose the bad mails. Now just imagine how cluttered my inbox is with all those mails hoarded. 
Nevertheless, without any further consideration, I planned to do something, at least check the mails sent by real people.Unwaveringly,I acted fast. Avoiding another wasteful moment, I  hurriedly ran through my mails.What a surprise! Most  of the mails  looked  like they had come from outer space .I too seemed to be caught  floating into space. However after a while,  a few stars caught my attention. The ones I suppose came from this planet.  This one  I am sharing with you is exemplary.It swiftly brought  me back to earth.
It reads something like this..".Now I know why I am gaining weight.It’s because of the shampoo I am using when showering .The label on the bottle says ‘for extra volume and  body’. Therefore  I have decided to use washing liquid ,for the label in that bottle is encouraging.It says ‘dissolves fat  that is otherwise difficult to remove’.
Now do you think I did what I had to do ..No! Perhaps  another time..For I am still in the process of unraveling the treasures sent by real people and  yet again have postponed  clearing my mail box.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Taste Of My Creation

It’s not in any way an ipod  or an ipad or an iphone ,It’s just that  ipickled...

The world is still in mourning  over the death of the Apple genius Steve jobs  and at the same time  it is heartfelt to read so many eulogies from all over the world  accredited to this mastermind of the  apple products, 
However here at  home, I was beyond awe and felt like celebrating  when I  saw  an acclamation fastened by my younger daughter on  one of the bottled  jars, which according to her was  in appreciation for the  pickles that I had created .

See what I mean.. nothing to do with apples right?

                                Made   with a pinch of this and a dash of that