Friday, December 17, 2010

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Milk Tooth And The Tooth Fairy Saga

My six year old son is beginning to lose his milk teeth. The other day, a little upset, he  showed  his wobbly front tooth. I appeased him saying  he was going to be alright. Later that evening when my husband came home from office he sat with the six year old and made interesting conversation so as to keep him focused. In no time, he pulled out the wobbly tooth without any hassles what so ever. I remember vividly, when my older son, who was about the same age, two years ago, had the same experience. But unfortunately we didn’t know what to do at that time. .I became  panicky and made it worst  for him. Ultimately a visit to the doctor set things right. He talked to my son and made conversation with him just to calm him down and keep him focused and within a matter of seconds his shaky tooth was removed by hand, without anyone notice it. Hence I have  gathered a teeny bit of courage  to handle  with ease all kind of  tribulations.
Now coming back to where I started.. Within a week, the younger son lost two more of his teeth and the older brother found it so amusing. Witty as he is, he kept teasing him, saying there was a tunnel carved inside his mouth. This made him even more uncomfortable and as a result refused to go to school that particular day.After that episode ,he became so inhibited, that he kept his mouth closed most of the time especially when he had to talk to visitors. He was also to go on an excursion with his class during that week but repudiated to go the last minute .When his class teacher, who knew that he was all agog about this trip, asked him why he didn’t turn up. He responded with  a wide  grin. She didn’t need further explanation, she understood!
 A cloud of doubt hangs over him these days as he looks at his reflection in the mirror to see if new ones are visible. He often questions me if I had really prayed to God asking for his new teeth. Nonetheless he is terribly upset that I flushed his broken tooth down the toilet bowl. “Why did you do that?” he said. ‘I would have got one ‘Riyal’ (Saudi Arabian currency) keeping it under the pillow – reference to the Tooth Fairy that he had heard about from the older siblings. ..   
I think a brief narration of the myth of the Tooth fairy would make my story clear: The Tooth Fairy  is supposed to  give a child money in exchange for a baby tooth that has fallen out . Children  place the tooth under their pillow at night.. And  this swap takes place when the child is fast  asleep.. Ah!!!! Such wonders of fairy tales…
By the way, this I may say  in lighter vein , the next time my son loses another tooth , I should write a note addressed to the tooth fairy and leave it under my son’s pillow. Which would read like this ‘ My son doesn’t need  the money , a new tooth would do’ …..

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