Monday, June 7, 2010

Sound Effects

Since the beginning of last month , we are being drastically traumatized by atypical kind of monster.Oh! No! not what you think.. No!! Neither King Kong nor Godzilla that scared the guts of the people in the reel world. What I’m talking about is an equally monstrous-like, but of a different kind. The type that is laden with adjustable devices here and there ; a heavy equipped machinery that vibrates, and makes thunderous sounds in the real world. Yes. I am talking of those heavy duty machineries and the equally large trucks that move them around and do a great deal of rigorous labor, in breaking and making roads, so much so in the process, conquering the stillness of the morning.

There is some road construction in progress nearby my home and everyday from the crack of dawn ,we have to get prepared to pay heed to the different sounds of this apparatus at work.At the beginning it was kind of annoying to be awakened by this ear piercing sounds and sometimes I wondered if our home , which is housed in a building close to this construction site would get affected by the vibrations.We really could feel the tremor.

Now having said that ,I have to point out that I noticed something good come out of this whole hullaballoo..My two sons who were at all times glued on to the Television, now had something else to focus on .Everyday after school both of them would sit by the window and watch this heavy machinery do the hard labour. They would watch every movement it made and soon were learning new things and explaining to the sisters and me, what these heavy duty tools were used for. Their conversation nowadays is all about, how strong each one is going to be to handle such heavy equipment etc..

Subsequently with this paraphernalia in the spotlight,life is a lot easier for me as well .The children are eating the greens without much of a hassle ,because these days they believe that eating all their vegetables would indeed help them grow strong ,fit and healthy to drive that incredible digger. This is one of the many whims and fancies they presently rave,hence I take it all in my stride as I know this is just one of the phases of childhood.

However, extraordinary little things like this have some long-term effects on children.Sometimes they carry it with them through their adolescence and put into practice with whatever they have experienced in their childhood or forget about the whole episode when they begin to explore outside their immediate surroundings and make new interesting discoveries. All in all I do believe as parents we should support and encourage and help motivate their interests, so as to pave the way to develop their learning skills, as a consequence broaden their knowledge.

Just as much as my children are enthusiastic about the special sound effects of a digger.. I’m all agog to see the new road paved, so that we could journey through, without any hitches and moreover relax in the serenity of the morning hours sans the blaring noise .And when everything is done and returned to normal, I will be in anticipation to embrace again the familiar echoes in my surroundings, the one that I am accustomed to, the one which obviously would soothe my nerves away: The swish of the warm - cool breeze sweeping across, the delightful coos of the pigeons, perched atop the TV antenna and the occasional reverberation of airplanes from an airport distant away.

My Sons' recent leisure pursuit- jigsaw puzzle depicting heavy duty trucks...