Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obesity In Children

Reading the book the ‘Blood Sugar Solution’ not only endowed  me with helpful information about diabetes,but  also opened my eyes to another serious disease that is progressing fast  all over the world. I was brought to my attention  that  Obesity  is one of the underlying cause for diabetes and also for  various other   diseases that could assault our body and bring significant harm to our system.What is even more alarming is that childhood obesity  is drastically on the rise especially among school children. Evidently it has become a cause of concern. A fad for junk food  or  fast food is increasingly  growing amongst children which  sooner or later will   bring  catastrophic results when  the diseases related to it sets in.Junk food may  tantalize our taste buds  but does more damage to our digestive systems.The extra fats  in them  not only make us gain weight but are  notable to  damage the liver and heart.Adults should start promoting and creating awareness about eating healthy food so as to encourage school children develop healthy eating habits.Children should be encouraged to eat more of cereals,green and leafy vegetables,fruits,milk,eggs and curds and yoghurt  as a part of their daily diet.Green salads have a lot of fibrous  elements  that will do good for our health.As parents, we must work effortlessly to  set  boundaries for  eating foods like  hot dogs,pizzas,burgers,sweets and candies,as they  are the culprits that cause obesity.Furthermore,it is n’t too  late to turn around  eating habits.To prevent  further destruction from this epidemic called 'obesity' ,the foremost thing we got to work on  our part is to  convince children  to indulge  in eating home cooked meals as foods cooked at home  are  packed with nutritious values and not as much of calories and fat.

Green Salads have fibrous compounds and are good for the digestive system