Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer Vacation

As summer approached we all got excited as we were homeward bound. ' But why only two weeks ', asked my children in dismay. Yes I knew two weeks was not adequate for a vacation in the native land, but due to my husband’s work commitment in his office here in Saudi Arabia, we had to get back as scheduled. We were going to meet the rest of our families back  home after a gap of two years . Our Home country, has many places of interest .During my schooling days, I had the opportunity to visit the historical sites of Sri Lanka,which was then organized by the school. How I wished ! My children too would get the opportunity to see all the wonders of our country. But then again..two weeks was all we had ! We could n’t tour all of those beautiful places , but one such place My husband recommended captured our hearts and the camera too!

In Kandalama -My son posing for the camera-

My family and I took a trip to a holiday destination (a place in Sri Lanka ) called Kandalama , located in a historic area, secluded from the city. The journey took us about 5- 6 hours on the road..We spent three wonderful days in this breathtaking resort hidden amid a thick, woody jungle. The vicinity which is in a most exceptional site in sri Lanka’s cultural triangle's heartland and is closely hemmed in by the Sigiriya rock , a lake and a sanctuary to birds and wildlife. Even though this place was not bordered by the beach (our usual holiday destination ), we were captivated by it’s serenity , which would be interrupted only by the echoes of nature. Thus made our holiday even more meaningful.

                                                                 - nurturing the young -

We experienced close encounters with Monkeys. We were warned that they could be a menace.I found them to be harmless .Their comical tactics kept us amused. It was evident that they became disruptive during our mealtime especially during the buffets outdoors! The waiters had to use some of their tactics to keep the monkeys at bay.

We also visited the elephant orphanage at Pinnawela. Here we had an opportunity to see them at close quarters. All the elephants here had been brought in from the wild, either abandoned by the herd or attacked by poachers or the local farmers , who are agitated by these beasts wandering across their fields and destroying their worthy crops .

In loving care

I ‘ve only read about our marvelous elephants that help produce paper out of their waste! Wasn’t I privileged when my husband took us to the site where this was being done. Although in an earlier discussion , I had told my children about this wonderful paper being created out of elephant dung ,I knew they wouldn’t have actually taken in the story .How surprised they all were when they got to see it in reality ! I even bought back a souvenir ,made of this paper.. My children loved every moment .I am so appreciative to my husband who planned and organized our 2 –weeks vacation and made it memorable for all of us.


                                                      - note book made from elephant waste -