Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

It’s back to school for the children after a short break.To go through the entire morning without them is mind-numbing.The hushed atmosphere is felt  more than ever as they continuously kept me engaged during the morning hours chattering  nineteen to the dozen. And as a matter of fact, given that I am immune to this kind of  noisy environment,I find it  a bit uncharacteristic to be  in the midst of silence.Currently,I am  trying every possible means  to muddle through  the tranquillity. So to chuck  away  the sense of  being bored, I have actively  turned to my  most dependable companions: Books.
Reading books is a pleasurable experience.They have kept me happy and contended during dark and dull moments.Above and beyond,they cheer me up with their wide range of heartening words.Above all, books  are the most sought after ‘acquaintances’ to  fill in the void and  help me break free from monotony.I am persistently drawn toward them. Unquestionably,they straighten out my mood swings.Time after time,books come to my support when I am in  need  of some driving force to lift my spirits high .
Books are a source of inspiration.They are filled with an abundance of entertainment, information,and references.As grateful as I am,to modern technology,which sets up  a complete library  in front of the computer screen with only a push of a button, I  still  prefer the old fashioned way of enjoying a good read in black and white.There’s nothing  to beat my habit of sitting in a cosy corner with a  paper back  to hold on to and be intensely engrossed in it.
Although the perception of reading books,for many,is slowly weaning off, the magnetism still remains in me.Books teach us a variety of subjects.They give solutions to our problems and stimulate us in every aspect. Inevitably they instigate reading skills and give confidence  to children and young adults.I am forever in awe of the diverse styles and expressions  documented in books by different writers and authors.The other day while looking  through  a  textbook  belonging to my daughter,I found something quite notable.It was a well defined piece of writing. Needless to say, I was fascinated by its characterization that I totally forgot time.

Dear readers,now allow  me  pass on to you something  inspirational I discovered  from that particular book. 
‘Success,real success and happiness come to those who have a bread-making attitude.Those who are willing to knead the dough,wait for hours for it to rise, only to punch it down and knead some more, wait for another couple of hours for it to rise again, then bake it before it is ready to be eaten.Nothing is instantaneous.For every endeavour whether in the area of career academics music, sports,relationships,physical fitness,or even in spirituality-it is a long arduous journey.’
Wouldn't it be commendable if we all adapt the  'bread making' attitude