Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Power Of Punctuation

Punctuation marks are ciphers that point out the structure and the meaning of written language.In written English,punctuation is very important so as to make it more comprehensible the meaning of a sentence. In order words, punctuation helps the reader to  understand the written text easily.Words and stories have to to be arranged in proper  order for the reader to sufficiently  grasp the story.Without properly punctuating a story, the reader would n’t  understand what you are trying to convey. I have created a picture blog depicting the popular text ‘woman without her man is nothing’ See how punctuation can also totally change the meaning of a text.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Of Tell-a-Tale And Fairy-Tales

Eid has come and gone. And with it the whole ambiance changed as well. I wholeheartedly welcome this change but wondering how I am going to cope the colder days ahead. Already the festivity mood has vanished into thin air despite the fact that the holidays are still on. My children will get back to school this Saturday. Till then, its hubbub everyday with all four, staggering for the television or the computer. And what more with the arrival of the latest thingy by name of play station 3, the children cannot differentiate day and night and if they had eaten their meals or not. How ever I have come to a decision that once school reopens, this newest gizmo will be veiled for awhile in a probable attempt to divert the children’s attention more toward school activities.

With the four at home, noise and clamor is an everyday thing. They have found ways and means to bring the house upside down. It‘s like we are celebrating Halloween here. Recently they scared the guts out of me with an eerie music they played on and off via their latest gizmo. And mind you, top of all this, there’s the high-pitched blaring that takes place in between regular intervals. Mine vs theirs. The only favourable outcome I have achieved so far from this screeching is my vocals cords have all toned up, though sadly not too good to put into use in a singing competition. Nonetheless this hullabaloo generated by my children on a daily basis has not changed my attitude towards them at all. My heart grows fonder day after day and my love for them deeper.

The children having a break from school has a positive side too. There is plenty of quality time that's being spent with each other and this - bonding, brings us much closer. As much as they create a mayhem, children also bring into our lives lots of fun, laughter and happiness.
The other day, extremely astounded, my seven year old came to me and said ‘Mom! I think she’s going to marry a frog.'    
My first reaction was a surprised, 'What! Who?' Although quite amused at this, I kept asking him how sure was he with his announcement. Then he went on ‘I am sure Mom. I heard her telling someone on the phone. Go, ask her.'
'Yes! Yes! Go ask her,' prompted my ten-year-old in an encouraging manner. Even though I found this outlandish, I thought it would be better if I got an explanation from my daughter so as to clear any doubts and alleviate all forms of suspicions from the perplexed two.
I was laughing my wits off when I heard my daughter very coolly say 'Oh that! My friend and I were talking about Walt Disneys’ The Princess and the Frog.'
'Marry a frog? What was he thinking! It happens only in Fairy Tales!'
Oh ! Dear Me! Why wasn’t I thinking?

(image source courtesy internet)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remember This Too Shall Pass

Reflecting on the  views  of  Richard Carlson, the  writer who penned simple solutions on how  to keep daily responsibilities and household chaos from taking over your life   in one of the many ’Don’t sweat the small stuff ‘, books , made me  realize and acknowledge how motivational his ideas were and how inspiring he was as a writer,author,speaker and a family man.He has shared  with his readers his perception of how to handle household chaos in a very easy and comprehensive manner. No doubt the book is full of immeasurable facts and encouragement on every reasonable topic from how to manage stress to coping difficulties and managing the house without sweating the small stuff. He has high lighted the importance of family values in every point of view. And each chapter has been  written under  different topics relating to our home, environment and those near and dear. 
He is one of my favourite writers of the modern times. A motivational speaker who rose to fame with his ‘Dont Sweat The Small stuff series .It was quite by chance  during a visit to the bookstore that I happened to stumble upon this book.And by the time I finished reading I had become an ardent fan.With his straightforward opinions on how to tackle life’s obstacles,challenges, other negative emotions and also the many little things that  infuriate us at the slightest provocation,he has encouraged us to think optimistically. He has elaborated that these are barricades that could be maneuvered tactfully   in our quest for peace, happiness and love .
Although I have read this book an umpteenth time., I keep turning to it for moral support whenever I need to defy my unbalanced  state of mind, presumably when I am at my weakest every month.
Adapting some of his opinions that he set forth in his writing  and putting them  to practice has  enabled me  to accomplish  my  daily household  chores  in a stable mind-set which otherwise was impossible.Especially during weekdays- In the mornings ( this is the time the commotion begins) when everyone is in a hurry to go about their business: to school, workplace  leaving behind the  thoroughly exhausted self to clean-up the aftermath of the big mad rush.
Here is a  quote  from the book  that changed the whole outlook dealing with the hustle and the bustle, ‘The best and the most effective way to maintain a grateful spirit and keep yourself from being overwhelmed is to remember that all things –even the hard things –will pass.’
Am I glad! I now get about my daily household tasks with  an upbeat approach..