Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Decade In The Y2K

We are approaching another year.A brand New Year. When we first came within reach of the New Millennium, there was this media hype,a hullabaloo about the Y2K bug that was going to disrupt and wipe out all stored information off our computers. This revelation created a chaos among many..But Thank God it never happened and todate no one really knows why the bug forgot to bite. Nevertheless aren't we all glad that everyone superseded the fear of the ‘Year 2000 ‘ or the ‘Y2K’ and probably look forward to victoriously celebrate a decade in the 'Y2K' epoch.

With the new year comes new beginnings, new challenges. Most of us, I guess plan to bring about changes in our lives ..This is the time when everyone starts making New Year resolutions. It's easy to make resolutions but I wonder how many actually keep it.Over the years, I too had many resolutions that I wished to keep , but alas! couldn’t see it all getting materialized. Before the New year turns up we would be planning and making endless and countless lists on what to do and what not to do .Come New year ,we tend to forget all we have planned and thus our goals that we try to achieve in the new year gets blown away with the wind….

I ask myself again and again ..Why wait for the New Year to make promises. All that we have got to do is take one day at a time .Make the best of that day.Step on the positive side and toss away the negativity. With a little bit of patience and appreciation , we ought to countenance the complications and the challenges that come to pass on us through this cycle of life, Being bold enough to defy the hurdles , we would possibly find the rest of our days rewarding.

A Happy New Year To You !

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Circle Of Friends Award

I am delighted to get the Circle of Friends award, which I have proudly displayed in the sidebar, from my blogger friend Mothers Always (Being Me), whose writings I admire. Receiving these awards from other bloggers help strengthen our confidence and credence in ourselves, and a motivation to blog better in blogosphere! I do not find enough time to blog on a daily basis, but whenever I find the time. I really enjoy it. I also love browsing the pages of my blogger friends, to read their posts and leave them a comment.

Receiving, giving and passing on awards to others is no doubt, an encouraging approach to develop a friendly bond among bloggers. Leaving a friend something exceptional like this virtual award, makes the recipient contented, knowing his/her posts have been appreciated. There are so many things we learn from each other here at blogosphere. We get to know the likes, the dislikes, favorites and of course the humorous side of our blogger friends. We learn about the different cultures, customs and the scrumptious recipes and cuisines from varied countries. I take this opportunity to thank my friends here at blogosphere and others, who browse through my posts.

Now I have to follow the rules and write a few facts about me
1. I have learned that to pursue an inner feeling of happiness, I got to approach toward the positive.
2. I turn to the internet to satiate my thirst for some reading.
3. My family comes first. They are my priority.
4. Oprah Winfrey’s Talk Show has been a source of inspiration to me and to a score of others .I would like her to reassess her retirement because we need people like her, who has the skill , to help motivate the youth of today to be a better society tomorrow.
5. I have cried the most in the year 2004, first in October when I lost my precious mother, who had always been my pillar of strength and then again in December, when a massive Tsunami hit South East Asia. My country Sri Lanka which was already ravaged by an internal war: a war between man, got wrecked a second time: a war with Nature (God forbid, let me cry no more!)

The new recipients of this award go to
1. The desperate cook
2. A Mommy's Day: by I am Me
3. Middle age ramblings
5. Nophie's Corner

The rules - Remember to acknowledge the bloggers (do a link) where they came from, nominate 5 recipients (Let them know about it) and tell us any 5 things about yourself. And don't forget to copy and paste the award badge!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Children And Boredom

The chilly weather makes all of us longing, to get cozy and huddle up in the house and when we have children around, we often wonder how we are going to keep them occupied for a specific period of time. And during winter break ,the kids get holed up in the house. It is then, that they complain of nothing to do and getting bored. Getting them to help us in the household chores is a good idea but for how long will they like this kind of activity we cannot predict.

As a stay at home mom, I have often spent a few times, stooping to their level ,taking instructions and abiding by their rules and regulations, in order to help their play time happy and fun .All in all, the end results are that we all are contended by the fact that we have had enough of quantity and quality time together as a family...

There are many ways and means to regenerate our kids from boredom. Its time we become a little creative in order to stop our brood from complaining. One does not need to be an expert in bringing out ideas to help children find some ways to spend their time during holidays.

Make opportunities for children to get active in different ways... By sharing our ideas with the kids on what to do and how to do, helps the children to play an active role in being creative... Generate a lot of opportunities for the children to experience with..Let them experiment with different ideas. Children would like anything to do with games. There are many ways to be creative and make holiday time a fun time. Some children are good with words. Indoor games like word –building could be really interesting, when you make it a fun game. For instance, take the word ‘Ordinary ‘. Let them make new words from this one long word. The new words from ‘ordinary’ would be (ray, roar, yard, nod, ran etc). By introducing this word game, we are actually helping them improve their vocabulary.

Another fun game, I observed my kids loved were the repeatedly practicing of tongue twisters!.'Twisters' is a sure way to revitalize kids from boredom. Here is a tongue twister which my children and I enjoy to date...This could also be played as a game, to test their spelling skills (in this case ,whether/weather)

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.”

Happy Holidays! Have Fun...