Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Toast To Summer!

The family vacation maybe  over but the  holidays for the children is still on, as schools reopen only in September.Despite the fact that we all seem to be thoroughly exhausted in the company of summer,we are  in some way coping  the hot and humid weather.With the  prevailing  weather condition in this part of the world,there is n’t much outdoor  activities  to  get occupied  except take part in religious activities like  reading the holy book and offering   extra prayers as this is the holy month of Ramadan,which  by the way,will come to an end in the next few days.And soon, we can expect some fair weather.It is always the case during the latter part of summer time,when the holiday spirits begin to wear off and all that extra time that you hold so precious,seem to drift so soon.And almost immediately  you start to brood over the lost time.
Summer makes me wonder,ponder and  beyond.At the onset,as  much as the season brings with it  the  holiday spirit,goodwill and cheer, it also ignites a lot of physical strain on us during the closing stage.By the way  I am not  being unreasonable,I still  hope to enjoy the rest of the holidays in  optimism.
Looking on the bright side,it’s apparent that Summer has not  been very harsh on me.In addition to  the exhilaration of our three week vacation to the pearl of the Indian ocean( Sri Lanka),I am also ecstatic at some of the other  things that summer has freshened me up with.It has  enabled  me to  mentally remove a few  redundant anarchism and enjoy the rest of the season with a clear mind set.My sugar level  is  well under control and the daily exercising has  brought in  some good results.I have lost a few more pounds and have gained high  energy levels.So you can just  imagine  alongside the hustle and the bustle of summer,how contentedly I am marching around the house with equally energetic children.
This Summer I also tried my hands at new recipes catering to the family’s tastes buds.Some recipes came out quite well while a few didn’t turn out as expected.That didn’t give me a reason to sign.I gave the dishes  a new name and felt happy about my achievement.On the whole,Summer has taught me to approach things  in a positive manner and I am grateful for that.

Please feel free to take a peek at Summer Skies- pictures taken during the vacation