Sunday, September 23, 2012

How To Detoxify Our Home

We all love a clean house. A clean house is free from odour and germs. And so  for the sake of keeping  our home immaculate we go to great extent in buying chemically made products which instantly remove dirt and stubborn stains from our favourite furniture, carpet or any other household articles. Using these kind of products may leave our home spick and span but at what cost?  Ignorantly  or fully aware of the fact that detergents and all purpose cleaning products pose a huge threat to our health, we  continue to depend on these ‘cleaning agents’ to help us maintain a spotless home.These products contain toxic ingredients or have irritants that can cause   severe damage to our body. Inhaling too much of air freshener, carpet cleaners and laundry detergents is the starting point to respiratory problems.Why should we jeopardize our health using toxic chemicals for cleaning when  we can find  non toxic substitutes that are extremely safe , right  in our kitchen cabinets. These   household components  which are accessible and affordable, help detoxify and clean our home. They work as effective as the chemicals but without any exposure to danger. Baking soda and vinegar are basic household products that we use for cooking on a daily basis. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and has a number of useful constituents. Besides helping in diminishing the effect of acidity, it also acts as a   deodorizer to freshen homes and douse grease fires in the kitchen. It can also be used in the refrigerator and pantry cupboards to reduce the effect of odour. It soaks up unpleasant smell from carpets and upholstery and help in disinfecting the drains and sinks. In addition, it can also bring sparkle to old jewellery, porcelain, and stainless steel.
I do a lot of baking and there is always a tendency for spills. I avoid using harsh oven cleaning powder or detergents as the smell of the chemical triggers a nagging cough. To clean the oven  I wet the interior of the oven  surface and  sprinkle a fistful of  baking soda on the  sodden portion  and scrub with steel wool,which I can assure is strong enough to clear up any stubborn food deposits .The steel wool  also comes in handy whenever we need  to scour  greasy pots and pans. Tiles and floors could be cleaned by using bicarbonate soda with wet sponge and rinsing afterwards.Soured apple juice  is used, to prepare vinegar.Vinegar can get rid of greasy mold and can be used as a polish to clean floors. It can also revive your coffee pot, the tea pot and your cookware. Vinegar can be used in a solution with water or straight without diluting.
On the whole, without any doubt, it is extremely safe to use household substitutes like vinegar and bicarbonate soda to clean almost everything and anything in our home. In point of fact,these household products were utilized even during the time of our great –grand parents and they had been maintaining cordial relations with their immune systems for a long time unlike the present generation.Thus to be free from health hazards we need  to steer clear of  harsh chemicals  and consequently   switch over to  inexpensive substitutes from our ‘kitchen cabinet‘ to maintain an exclusively  hazardous free and  hygienic home .

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dealing With Computer Bugs And Viruses

Even though we knew something was wrong with our computer,it was  only after for a while  we   realized  we needed to  get our computer  upgraded. It had been giving us a lot of problem lately. Subsequently we decided to send it to an experienced person,who detected the issue and rectified. It was discovered  that too many viruses had invaded the  computer and nastily crashed the whole system. This left me wondering who could have possibly pushed or encouraged these virtual microbes into our computer.
After a lot of evasive answers my sons  eventually spilled the beans.The youngsters admitted they had downloaded some video games from some unreliable sites. I don’t know how this  could have gone passed the ‘security mama’s' eyes. I have always advised them to  stick to their regular game sites and have cautioned them to keep off sites that was not recommended. But somehow they had been lured in. Due to this unfortunate incident, I lost a large amount of my folders  stored under my ‘documents’, as most of the data  had  being swallowed by the bugs. Apart from that, some  important pictures which I had saved on the computer disappeared after we had the computer upgraded. Fortunately I had backup pictures saved on my Picasa  account. Wasn't that  some relief!
Many new innovations have surfaced in technology. Though I  am not tech savvy, I am keen to learn new things about computers and everything  about them. Thanks to the various articles and information I get via the internet. Just the other day a  friend asked me If I had installed the blu ray burner on my computer.I was clueless.Later  I gathered  what it was all about.Blu ray disc is a video  compressed technology  very much comparable to a DVD.However,the quality of blu ray  is  much supreme  with  superior picture  quality.More over, they have  a good amount of storage than their counterpart DVD, allowing your storage  to grow higher.And for  someone who has just lost all the archives,it wouldn’t hurt too much if I  consider installing a  blu ray burner  on my computer.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Back To School

School  has  re-opened  after the summer  break.And to be honest it didn’t start  off well.We all ran out of patience  on the first day itself  since the usual van which takes the children to school didn’t turn up as the driver is still on  vacation.As a result,within a short period of  time,we took into service  an alternative  school transportation  to shuttle the children back  and forth to school.It wasn’t an easy task.
Though the long  break from school has  revitalized the kids,they are  still not ready to go into studying mode right away.I guess it will take  a few more days  to get adjusted to the swing of things  and get back to the customary  routine.Moreover,it’s just a matter of days before their summative exams start and I have no idea how to get them back on track from their present  frame of mind. Being away on vacation and from the hustle and the bustle of the morning mad rush,had a great impact on me as well.I had  totally elapsed the usual school rules and regulations.It had completely slipped off my mind that my youngest had to be attired in Scout uniform every Tuesday.Though he reminded me just before the school van arrived, there wasn’t enough time to run upstairs and change his uniform,so I had to do a bit of sweet-talk to cheer him up before  sending  him off to school.
I must admit that I  will  definitely miss  the daytime noise and the clamor,the fun and the frolic  and anecdotes of my children that re-energized me during the lazy summer  mornings.Hence,halfhearted and  reluctantly,I  unwind  and   bid  goodbye  to the  holiday vibes.