Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Toast To Summer

Despite the hot and humid weather,we all seem to get highly exhilarated in the company of summer.The season brings with it the holiday spirit,goodwill and cheer.Although summer is noted for it's harshness,it has always been gracious to let me enjoy a two week vacation,every year,in my home country.As summer approaches,my family and I get very excited as we are homeward bound.It is during summer that we get the opportunity to meet the rest of our families back home.Interestingly, the whole ambiance  allows me to wholeheartedly embrace the warmth that sweeps across the bright summer day.It has always been a delight to give ears to the sweet chirpings of the birds in the morning,telling me that it's time to wake up.What is summer without the fun and the frolic! The sense of happiness it gives me  walking along the sandy beaches amid the lush greenery and the  blue sky. Summer time is leisure time  for my whole family .While the kids and my husband  love to take  dips in the pool  in the  hot afternoon,I seize the opportunity to demonstrate my gastronomic know-how to my young audience-my  daughters.I am inclined to try out various  new recipes and pamper their  taste buds. Summer is my most treasured season.It  acts as a stress reliever. It regenerates my   energy and makes me get-up-and-go.Simultaneously, with the hustle and the bustle, it teaches me to approach things in a positive manner.I wholly extend my gratitude to this phenomenal season for showering me with an abundance of blessings by bringing sunshine to my days and making  my vacations  so memorable.Oh Summer! What would I do without you?