Friday, March 25, 2011

What Is Acidity?

Though some may not have a deep understanding about it, they probably may know someone  who  experience it. Most likely you must have  heard of acidity. What is acidity - those who have not experienced it  may wonder . Acidity  takes place when there is an  excess secretion of  gastric acid in your body, leaving you with  a burning sensation in your throat or a bitter and sour  taste in your mouth.This is a condition that affects the digestive system. However, this  is an uncomplicated problem that could go out of control when you ignore it. There are many causes for the acidity levels to elevate in your body. Stress could be defined as one of the main cause to aggravate the situation. However, high intake of fatty and spicy food,refined and fibres foods, overeating and eating hurriedly ,could further lift the acidity levels in your body .It is also known that excessive intake of caffeine  helps to build up  the acid in the body. Other causes that intentify the acid level may be due to pregnancy,aging,anxiety and obesity .During my pregnancies, I experienced heartburn. And I was advised to eat and drink a lot of cooling food. Eating banana,watermelon and cucumber gives instant  relief . On the other hand, altering   erratic meal times and bad eating habits help prevent acid reflux.  In any case, consult your doctor  if symptoms persists.

Here are some home remedies to ease the acidity.
Chew a few basil leaves.Repeat every hour till the acidity subsides
A common remedy is to drink coconut water.Drink this 3-4 times a day.
Have plenty of milk and milk products.A cold glass of  milk or a cup of ice-cream could be taken for instant relief.
Fresh mint juice prevents  acid reflux.Water controls the acidity.Drink water with a teaspoon of honey every morning.
Drink herbal tea.
Take lots of cumin seed and ginger- boiled in water.
Eat meals in small quantity and do not gulp the food .


  1. Hi Aynzan,

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    These are very good tips to reduce acidity in the stomach. I usually drink a lot of mint tea or ginger tea when the acidity comes.
    I am following you.
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Hi Aynzan, This is a good remedies article, for acidity. I used to take a lot of alkaseltzer, and I am very happy I don't take this anymore. I learn that PAPAYA fruit fresh is a wonderful help. The stomach has papayn and tripsin enzymes to digest the food, so taking papaya is very good.
    Thank for following my blog, ILIBILI