Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watermelon- Summer's Delight

Watermelon is the typical fruit to quench the parching throat on a hot summer afternoon.The juice of watermelon  protects the skin from the sun. It also clears and cleanses the skin keeping it healthy and glowing.Watermelons are know to have originated in Africa,tracing it’s origins to the Kalahari deserts. It is noteworthy to mention here,that many centuries ago,watermelons were placed in tombs of the Egyptian kings to nourish them after life.(reference-woman’s magazine). Hence from Egypt, water melons spread along the Mediterranean sea by way of trade .It is a common summer crop and is widely cultivated throughout the world today.There are a variety of water melons produced each year.It consists of 93 per cent water.One or two servings of water melon a day is recommended as it is a multi vitamin fruit and contains Vitamin A B6 and C and also potassium and Iron.A variety of  recipes  can be prepared with this succulent fruit .Many love to indulge in the delightful deserts  made with this luscious fruit. During summer when it is  the peak time for tourism in many countries  chefs around the world display their gastronomic skills, displaying carved fruits and vegetables to the amazement of their guests and  visitors.Also others with a flair for art  come out with innovative  ideas and carve beautiful creations out of watermelons.This giant fruit   takes a prominent place  in my kitchen during Summer..

For easy cleaning –Place an old  sheet of newspaper on the kitchen counter  when you cut water melon.This is an easy way to discard the residue.


  1. Good post! Never knew water melon had such qualities:)

  2. I like watermelons but these fruits have high % of sugar and actually consist higher calories than some of other fruits out there. I love them anyway :))


  3. yummy water melon here..hope you can drop by at my gelatissimo and my espresso..