Sunday, June 12, 2011

Consumer Rights

As habitual, I turned to the online edition of my native country’s newspaper, for local news . While reading,I was drawn towards an article which I thought was creditable.It was a worthy act taken by Sri lanka's Health Ministry ,who has directed food manufacturers throughout the nation to take care when printing the date of production,the date of expiry and the ingredients used on the food and drink labels, which will be in effect from July.
From now on, manufacturers will have to strictly abide by the new regulations imposed by the Ministry when selling their manufactured goods.

The Health Ministry has also cautioned the public to keep vigilant on the sale of unhygienic and outdated canned food items and various soft drink products sold by supermarkets, groceries and other food outlets. This move will in fact make the consumers more watchful of what they purchase from the supermarkets or the grocers.They should take extra care to always check labels for the production and expiry dates. In addition,they must make it a point to read the labeled ingredients ,so that they will know if that particular product is good or harmful to them..They now have the right to report to relevant authorities any sale of unhygienic or outdated food stuffs in the supermarket. This step will also make the traders think twice about selling cheap and unhygenic food items with the intent of making quick cash.The risk of falling sick eating food which is outdated or unhygienic,is on a greater altitude, so consumers too should treat this warning as an eye opener .


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