Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Taste Of My Creation

It’s not in any way an ipod  or an ipad or an iphone ,It’s just that  ipickled...

The world is still in mourning  over the death of the Apple genius Steve jobs  and at the same time  it is heartfelt to read so many eulogies from all over the world  accredited to this mastermind of the  apple products, 
However here at  home, I was beyond awe and felt like celebrating  when I  saw  an acclamation fastened by my younger daughter on  one of the bottled  jars, which according to her was  in appreciation for the  pickles that I had created .

See what I mean.. nothing to do with apples right?

                                Made   with a pinch of this and a dash of that 


  1. Very nice Aynaaz & I completely agree with Mona. Having tasted the said pickle!!! Yumm!!! Nothing to beat that!! My mouth is watering... heheheheh :D

  2. Love that label. Especially the not for sale for home use only. Very creative

  3. good label! Creative work by your little one:)

  4. yay! looking like a yummy pickle made...mmmmmm...

    by the way, would you care for exlinks with my vegie/foodie blog? hope you do.. :D

  5. Your daughter must really like the pickles you made...She also made a home made label.