Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dealing With Computer Bugs And Viruses

Even though we knew something was wrong with our computer,it was  only after for a while  we   realized  we needed to  get our computer  upgraded. It had been giving us a lot of problem lately. Subsequently we decided to send it to an experienced person,who detected the issue and rectified. It was discovered  that too many viruses had invaded the  computer and nastily crashed the whole system. This left me wondering who could have possibly pushed or encouraged these virtual microbes into our computer.
After a lot of evasive answers my sons  eventually spilled the beans.The youngsters admitted they had downloaded some video games from some unreliable sites. I don’t know how this  could have gone passed the ‘security mama’s' eyes. I have always advised them to  stick to their regular game sites and have cautioned them to keep off sites that was not recommended. But somehow they had been lured in. Due to this unfortunate incident, I lost a large amount of my folders  stored under my ‘documents’, as most of the data  had  being swallowed by the bugs. Apart from that, some  important pictures which I had saved on the computer disappeared after we had the computer upgraded. Fortunately I had backup pictures saved on my Picasa  account. Wasn't that  some relief!
Many new innovations have surfaced in technology. Though I  am not tech savvy, I am keen to learn new things about computers and everything  about them. Thanks to the various articles and information I get via the internet. Just the other day a  friend asked me If I had installed the blu ray burner on my computer.I was clueless.Later  I gathered  what it was all about.Blu ray disc is a video  compressed technology  very much comparable to a DVD.However,the quality of blu ray  is  much supreme  with  superior picture  quality.More over, they have  a good amount of storage than their counterpart DVD, allowing your storage  to grow higher.And for  someone who has just lost all the archives,it wouldn’t hurt too much if I  consider installing a  blu ray burner  on my computer.



  1. I can't stand viruses. I don't understand the enjoyment of creating them.

  2. My boys are forever too installing and downloading stuff on the internet, and in spite of the anti virus something gets through from time to time.
    It's good to do maintenance once a while just to ensure nothing is sitting within the system.