Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Magic Of Disney

Very Recently the Disney demo 09 concluded in the country of the birth place of Walt Disney and here I am half way across the other side of the world and motivated to write something about the Disney influence we all have had. My whole family is attracted to Walt Disney creations...I loved Disney classics as a child, and still enjoy them with my children. Walt Disney has inspired my kids in so many ways ...They were drawn to his world of sketching from an early age.
And as parents, we were fully aware of their interest in everything ‘Disney’. We introduced to the kids some Disney classics for reading. Initially we read to them during bedtime and subsequently it became habitual and only when the end of the story was read and when they had heard their favourite characters from the book lived happily ever after, that they used to fall asleep without any hassles whatsoever... Having introduced them to Disney classics, from a young age, enhanced their reading and listening skills too. By the time they entered kindergarten, they had mastered several skills like listening, picture identification and word building.
The earliest memories I have were the sketching on our home walls, depicting some of Walt Disney‘s animated characters. An attempt at Disney creations, by my children! Later I discovered these drawings on their pillow covers as well. During their school break, they loved to watch Disney movies on DVD, which kept them spell bound .and whenever their class had some story time program, my two daughters did not fail to act as a Disney character, to bring the story to life.
The world of Disney also shaped my young children’s’ minds. They learnt to recognise and identify the good, the wicked and the evil, thanks to the characters in Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. They were inculcated with values like kindness, love and generosity.
Now whenever I log on to my computer I am ushered in by Disney characters painted by my children. Am I not glad we have the world of Disney playing a significant role in developing the language skills that leads to stimulating reading in children .Thus laying a solid foundation for a more complex learning in later years.
And even today, my daughters, who, in their adolescence and pre-adolescence years are motivated and enthralled by his wonderful cartoons! And lately my two young sons are following suit...
Here are some cyber paintings, done by my twelve year daughter Mona.

The Lion King

Tarzan II


  1. wow she's good.
    Loved Pinochio and Gemini Cricket ..

  2. Awesome post and paintings!
    Great going! ;)

  3. What exactly is cyberpainting? Thanks for your visit to my blog. I printed out your potato recipe and want to try it soon! :) Hope you are having a great Friday!

  4. Aynzan,
    I am so sorry, I do not know how or what happened, was reviewing the blog management thingy today and found an error here, IT HAS BEEN CORRECTED, again I apologize.

  5. Mona is so talented. I have a problem with the way Disney portrays women and even evil at times, but for the most part I think that the movies really do shape a child's conceptions of right and wrong.

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  7. I think Walt Disney has influenced most of us in one way or another. I loved the Disney movies as a kid. My Grandchildren have thier own memories of Walt Disney. It is timeless.

  8. I always loved the Disney film Fantasia. Some parts were beautiful and some frightening.

    Aynzan, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you will sign on to be one of the followers there.

  9. Wow! that's truly wonderful paintings! I love Disney too! and love to watch the Disney Channel a lot. I mean - a lot! Hehe. My fav Disney characters are Donald Duck and Goofy! Grumpy and just plain silly is what I am too. ;) I even wanted to have my honeymoon in Disneyland.
    Aynzan, thank you so much for dropping by to my blogs and followed me there and I really appreciate it. It's great to know you!

  10. I believe Disney Magic is wonderful too. We are planning to take our children to the Disney theme park in January for the first time. I am hoping it will be as much fun for them as it was for me as a child. Love you daughters artwork.

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments .I appreciate them..