Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Decade In The Y2K

We are approaching another year.A brand New Year. When we first came within reach of the New Millennium, there was this media hype,a hullabaloo about the Y2K bug that was going to disrupt and wipe out all stored information off our computers. This revelation created a chaos among many..But Thank God it never happened and todate no one really knows why the bug forgot to bite. Nevertheless aren't we all glad that everyone superseded the fear of the ‘Year 2000 ‘ or the ‘Y2K’ and probably look forward to victoriously celebrate a decade in the 'Y2K' epoch.

With the new year comes new beginnings, new challenges. Most of us, I guess plan to bring about changes in our lives ..This is the time when everyone starts making New Year resolutions. It's easy to make resolutions but I wonder how many actually keep it.Over the years, I too had many resolutions that I wished to keep , but alas! couldn’t see it all getting materialized. Before the New year turns up we would be planning and making endless and countless lists on what to do and what not to do .Come New year ,we tend to forget all we have planned and thus our goals that we try to achieve in the new year gets blown away with the wind….

I ask myself again and again ..Why wait for the New Year to make promises. All that we have got to do is take one day at a time .Make the best of that day.Step on the positive side and toss away the negativity. With a little bit of patience and appreciation , we ought to countenance the complications and the challenges that come to pass on us through this cycle of life, Being bold enough to defy the hurdles , we would possibly find the rest of our days rewarding.

A Happy New Year To You !


  1. If we treat every new day like a new day, well, then we would accomplish much within a single year. 365 days is a lot, but it is only a drop in a decade. I hope you accomplish everything you hope to this year. Don't make your list too long, though, you will only be disappointed.

    Happy 2010!

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