Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Circle Of Friends Award

I am delighted to get the Circle of Friends award, which I have proudly displayed in the sidebar, from my blogger friend Mothers Always (Being Me), whose writings I admire. Receiving these awards from other bloggers help strengthen our confidence and credence in ourselves, and a motivation to blog better in blogosphere! I do not find enough time to blog on a daily basis, but whenever I find the time. I really enjoy it. I also love browsing the pages of my blogger friends, to read their posts and leave them a comment.

Receiving, giving and passing on awards to others is no doubt, an encouraging approach to develop a friendly bond among bloggers. Leaving a friend something exceptional like this virtual award, makes the recipient contented, knowing his/her posts have been appreciated. There are so many things we learn from each other here at blogosphere. We get to know the likes, the dislikes, favorites and of course the humorous side of our blogger friends. We learn about the different cultures, customs and the scrumptious recipes and cuisines from varied countries. I take this opportunity to thank my friends here at blogosphere and others, who browse through my posts.

Now I have to follow the rules and write a few facts about me
1. I have learned that to pursue an inner feeling of happiness, I got to approach toward the positive.
2. I turn to the internet to satiate my thirst for some reading.
3. My family comes first. They are my priority.
4. Oprah Winfrey’s Talk Show has been a source of inspiration to me and to a score of others .I would like her to reassess her retirement because we need people like her, who has the skill , to help motivate the youth of today to be a better society tomorrow.
5. I have cried the most in the year 2004, first in October when I lost my precious mother, who had always been my pillar of strength and then again in December, when a massive Tsunami hit South East Asia. My country Sri Lanka which was already ravaged by an internal war: a war between man, got wrecked a second time: a war with Nature (God forbid, let me cry no more!)

The new recipients of this award go to
1. The desperate cook
2. A Mommy's Day: by I am Me
3. Middle age ramblings
5. Nophie's Corner

The rules - Remember to acknowledge the bloggers (do a link) where they came from, nominate 5 recipients (Let them know about it) and tell us any 5 things about yourself. And don't forget to copy and paste the award badge!


  1. What a delightful award to receive Aynzan.
    Friends are so precious. They are a gift, a cherished treasured gift.
    Like you I love browsing the pages of my blogging friends....I have been doing this since Aug 2008 and come to love so many.

    I feel such sorrow for you and your beloved country, both man and nature can be so cruel sometimes. Here's hoping 2010 will bring peace especially in Sri Lanka.

    Sending you love and light always.
    Peggy xxxx

  2. Thank you dear, it is lovely to share, and great to be appreciated.
    Sorry to hear about 2004, will say a prayer for your well-being.
    Bless you

  3. wow, this award for me??? thanks, i have taken it, still in processing to post. thanks sista

  4. Thank you sis.What a lovely award!Im so happy to have it.
    And I felt sad too with all happened in your country 2004.May Allah give peace to your country and to the world in 2010 amin.
    Happy blogging.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your award!
    Thanks too for your recent comments on my posts about "30 Days Of Christmas In Love". I enjoyed reading all of the responses to these posts!
    Merry Christmas! God Bless!

  6. 要保持更新呦,加油!!!期待你的新文章!!!..................................................

  7. Sending you love and light always.

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