Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspirational Blog Award

I sincerely  appreciate  my  blogging pal Moon for her kind gesture passing onto me this  award .I  got to know her through her amazing blog 'Themoonsmile2' which is bounded with ambiance and warmth.The  stories  about her family  which  she narrates  in her blogging are very interesting and  impressive.I am touched by her kindness .Thank you my Friend!

And with the award ,I have to answer the few questions  tagged.

What makes you laugh,smile or giggle?
My childrens' anecdotes.

What are the dreams for the future?
To see my children guided in the right direction.

If you are to go on a cruise where would it be and why?
I'll probably decline the  offer to go cruising.I am afraid of the ocean....

How would you spend your vacation time and with whom?
Spending  quality and quantity time with my family.

If given a choice what life would you choose? Your life now or the past?
My life now..

Is there something you wished before when you were young but you did n't get it
Cannot think of any..

Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but still you chose to move on..
This is a tough one..Can we move on to the next question please?

Is there someone in your life who has been your source of  strength and inspiration?
The ordinary people doing the extraordinary....

Here are some deserving blogs that I wish to tag this award

Please pass this on..

  • Copy and paste the award on your site and copy the link of the person who gave you the award. 
  • Then answer the tag questions! 
  • Nominate any blogs you feel deserve it.


  1. Gratz on the award
    Have a great week ahead


  2. Congrats on the award! And I really enjoyed this post, especially your answer to the last question!

  3. visiting you
    wish you have a shout box :)
    Have a great day


  4. congrat on the awards . you deserve it

  5. oh am sorry I didn't see this post earlier, due to my lack of concentration I guess when I am blogging.
    Lovely words that are expected from an inspirational person..
    wish you a blessed week <3