Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Good Read

I love books.They keep me entertained when I am bored.There's nothing like a good book which makes me feel quite relaxed and thoroughly contended. Recently I added a few more to my library.This  book which I am raving about in particular, kept me spellbound throughout my reading session.It is based on a true story with full of suspense and drama.This is a story of one woman's struggle to gain freedom from the clutches of the one person whom she thought the world of.And how she endures the  pain and torture  in a country far,far, away from her home. Even though I enjoyed the authors vivid  narration, I still wished she hadn't dragged  religion into it or insulted the culture..I am sure it would have been a totally different picture  had she learned to  adapt to her  new life style with love,admiration and respect. 


  1. hello, nice blog you have,i will bookmark so tomorrow can see here and read other articles

  2. Me too.... love books

  3. I love books, i have a few collections which my husband called it dust collector. Among my collections are Sidney Sheldon, Daniel Steel and nora roberts and more...