Monday, January 23, 2012

Food Show And Chinese Cuisine

The other day, my children and I watched  some wonderful authentic  cooking which was telecasted on one of our  favourite food  channel.Watching the  program  took  me  to several places and to a totally different culture.A culture which reveres in upholding customs and traditions. More so it let me virtually wander across to the land which prides on the  great wall and much more.Furthermore just discussing views and opinions about  their food  can get your  taste buds tantalized.
Chinese cooking sketches back since times gone by and now have become more and more popular in other parts of the world.The Chinese  pride themselves on eating an extensive range of foods. Chinese dishes are often  prepared in bite-sized pieces, to make it easy for   picking and shoving into the mouth.They also love to use chopsticks at the table. Traditional Chinese cuisine is also based on opposites  balancing hot with  cold, pickled with fresh and spicy with mild. They  also take pleasure in  eating exotic stuff. Many would go out of the way to taste some extraordinary speclalities like snakes,insects and bugs. Well!Well! Count me out please! I‘vd rather have the pleasure of watching them creeping and crawling  in and out of a mud –splattered backyard than savor them 'barbecued' and  in my platter all oozing  with sauces and dressings.
Food shows are a  motivation for foodies like me.They help us cultivate different skills and techniques in the kitchen and in our cooking styles. Learning to cook  food other than our staple foods  is itself  a great achievement .Years ago ,as a young girl, I used to watch  a cooking show called Yan Can cook,a program hosted by a young Chinese foodie/chef who did a lot of humorous acts while demonstrating his gastronomic know-hows.I loved watching him cook delicious  meals (the usual kind of food –not the exotic type). This show was very popular in most homes because of his exclusivity: cooking and performing  comic acts.At the end of the show he would sign off with his ever famous  line 'If Yan can cook, so can you.’.That  one liner, I believe, was in some way the motivation behind my interest in  cookery.However only after I  got married I put my skills into practice.Initially, I  had  tried a few of the simple dishes this master chef had presented on the show, but regretfully the dishes never really reached up to mark or came anywhere close to  them.All the same I never gave up.Learning through  trial and error, I somehow  managed to pass the  experimental tests ( the judges through out have been my children and hubby).I am regretful that I never mastered Chinese cooking but in spite of everything, I am still  grateful for that ‘cooking show', which paved the way significantly in  arousing my interest in cooking.And  from  being an  edgy cook with a great deal of kitchen disasters,I can now  pompously say  I have gained  some confidence and   occasionally  serve  delectable food to my guests at home.
Ahh!! I see the glimmer in my children’s eyes, an optical expression I often witness when I make an assurance.Yes! I did promise them to spend more time reviving  Chinese  delights from the food channel.

                                        Chinese Food In Saudi Arabia
Prawns coated in batter and fried 

Fried Noodles

Chicken Corn Soup


  1. wow..sounds scrumptiously tasty
    Tasty Appetite

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    You blog sound interesting. You write about food and other subjects. I love food, but I have only posted one recipe (with photos han 'how-to') on my blog. It was a lot of work, so I think I'll stick to reading other's food-sites.

    Best wishes,

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  3. I love Chinese food too, you chicken corn soup are inviting

  4. I enjoyed reading about your experience from the show. I guess I should also watch more cooking shows so I would get enough motivation to cook. The foods shown in the pictures look yummy.

  5. You will never run out of options for Chinese food! I super love most of them, just not the exotic ones! :))

  6. Dear Aynzan, I enjoy watching cooking shows too. They can inspire and give new ideas to an old recipe. I like to make my own Chinese food too. It is so much healthier and you can control the ingredients and seasonings, Blessings, Catherine

  7. I love cooking shows, they always make it look easy and good.

    I tend to end up following some and adapting some when I try my hand at the new dishes.

    Love the food pix. delicious!!

  8. looks yummy foods, thanks for your nice comment, btw!

  9. i got married last january 24 and our menu is chinese cuisine.

  10. Lovely Blog, keep up the good work!! Thank you for following mine