Friday, February 3, 2012

Weather the weather,Whatever the weather

Since the past week it has been unusually cold and it has constantly kept me speculating. Here I was thinking it was time to put away the jackets,mufflers and everything woollen ,back into their appropriate places. However I had to unwillingly reverse my plans due to this climate which is playing havoc.I suppose no one except Mother Nature can foretell a change in the weather who by now has probably planned quite a few tricks up her sleeves and would unleash them whenever she deems fit.
More often than not, by this time, we all envision the colourful blossoms,green leaves and a gentle breeze,a picture perfect Spring,but instead,we are repeatedly sprayed with dust from the sand storms and jolted off the beds by terrifying howls from the fierce winds.A frequent occurrence during the break of dawn.What a bizarre climate!
Generally,going outdoors during the weekend is something the children look forward to,but now except for my sons,the two girls are somewhat hesitant to go out merely for the reason they have to wear double padded clothing.
Despite the uncertain weather conditions,the children’s school had planned to go ahead with the schedules organized by the school’s Scout Association.Regardless,my fifth grader who is an ardent member,was all agog as he was about to embark on his very first Scout outdoor activity.However in the last minute due to harsh weather they had to re organize the program indoors.The parents of the participants were also invited to witness a few activities later in the evening.
As much as I enjoyed the children’s wonderful program at school,I also immensely benefited from an experience on our way back home. Amid the dusty roads,polluted atmosphere and the indistinct surroundings,I was amazed at what was unfolding.We were very fortunate to have witnessed  the sunset.While  a bunch of fluffy clouds ( not visible in the picture) looked as if they were reluntantly letting her go.All the same,slowly and steadily they parted ways.An awesome moment! A glorious sight! And as soon as 'Her Majesty' disappeared,darkness approached.What a panoramic view!
Although on earlier occasions I had witnessed atypical view,I was never able to record it.I am glad I got the opportunity this time albeit it was clicked through our moving vehicle.In the midst of the nit-picking and the whimpering about the bad weather,I am grateful the day ended magnificently.
A Panoramic View -Look at the contrast !This end looked all dark.
The sun  was slowly disappearing and  the street lights began to flicker.


  1. Even here in the Philippines where you least expect to be cold during this month is unusually windy and cold. But honestly, we're enjoying it, just not the lazy mood it brings.

    Great photos you got there!

  2. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  3. Very nice pictures! Here in Florida we are having an unusually warm winter.

  4. Dear Aynzan, Thank you for your visit and leaving a nice comment.
    I wish you a very nice Valentine's Day, Blessings, Catherine