Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toward Healthy Living

To be healthy,eat healthy.That’s exactly what I am doing  since my high sugar diagnosis. My daily consumption of food is a combination of all the nutrients like proteins, fat  and carbohydrates in smaller portions.Thanks to my dietician who  helped me with  a balanced  meal plan which I  got to follow on a regular basis.Having a tete-a-tete with  the  dietician and carefully considering  the pros and cons of certain foods and the harm some food could cause long term,heightened my aspirations,to make changes in my dietary habits.

I have already lost a couple of kilos in the first few weeks of  starting my ‘weight loss-sugarless’ journey. As I am  advised to keep fit and be on the move for at least half an hour everyday,I have made it  mandatory to go on a  walking ‘spree’ for about 20-30 minutes a day. Aside  avoiding everything  which contains sugar, I have also  drastically curtailed salt intake so that the organs in the body will not malfunction.I can no more nibble as I desire  on  nuts and savouries but instead allowed  to  snack on fruits: though  advised to skip mangoes, bananas and avocados, which could spike my sugar levels and who knew my favourites: carrots, potatos and green beans fall in the same category that set off the  sugar elevation.

Drinking plenty of water,possibly seven to eight glasses per day would help flush all the wastes and toxins off the system and also makes one feel full,thereby curbing the  hunger pangs.And with that in mind,without any hesitation,I have now made it a priority to respectedly  drink  the recommended amount of water each day.According to studies,stress is also a major cause  for the sugar swings that lead to type 2 diabetes.So a ‘good night’ sleep facilitates a great deal in diminishing all forms of stress related symptoms and  dampening mood swings thus enabling one to be in peak conditions.

All in all,I am left with  no options but follow this dietary chart and  I  bet  this food diagram will also ward off  my cravings for those occasional treats.Although the task of implementing the guidelines is challenging, I have wholeheartedly accepted to significantly make adjustments in my  everyday life  for I believe this is a good  ‘bargain’ toward a hale and hearty living. 

Healthy option-  baked  vegetables


  1. Ah...that is one cute picture. I myself am not diet conscious, nibble on anything, but refrain from high calorie food. And sleep of eight hours non stop a night could help you live a stress free life:)

  2. Very true...this is the best possible way even for a normal person without sugar or any other problems. Keep on and keep wishes.

  3. Dear Aynzan, your baked vegetables look delicious. Keep up all the good work and it will all pay off my dear. Blessings for a beautiful weekend, your friend, Catherine xo

  4. wow! looking really's nutritious....yum!

  5. We always have to watch what we put inside our mouth. Living a healthy lifestyle is what matters most.