Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Healthy Dose Of Laughter

Children  make the world go round and thus, undoubtedly, make the  adults twirl ,twist and go dizzy as well.More often they spin into their own  world full of fantasy and make-believe.However much these children bubbling with mischief and giggles bring  pandemonium in the home, they  are a blessing to every parent.They sparkle our lives with great joy, happiness and love.All the same they can be unpredictable with their moods,attitudes and opinions  altering  from time to time.One day they can make our hearts go pit-a-pat and  swell with pride and  the next day  our heads  spin  like tops.

There  are  number of adjectives coming into my mind when describing children.The most common that deem fit to portray the brood in my abode would be:  mischievous,bouncy,cheerful, carefree ,happy,funny  and a lot more .
Repeatedly I have been  amused by their anecdotes which  have quite unswervingly acted  as stress relievers.With the  children  away in school every morning ,I am revitalized by  these anecdotes.They  help  lift my spirits higher,calm my nerves and make less burdensome my moods. Here are a few which I have already shared a couple of times with family and friends  and also  with some of my readers in another blog.These are small blessings that make my day .
1: A dialogue: with my sons  Scene : Home

I was helping my seven year old with his class assignment.The  lesson was 'What do the following young ones grow into..And thus we continued ..
 I posed the questions and  as usual he bellowed  with  the answers..

Me: ‘An owlet becomes

He: -an owl!

Me; ‘A cygnet becomes

He - a swan!

Me: A kitten becomes

He:  a cat!

Me: A joey becomes

He:  a ....?

Before he could  open his mouth to answer this one , My  ten-year-old,who was seated on the other end of the room blurted out, 'Joey becomes a Friend'
( He was obviously referring to Joey -the character from the TV sitcom  'Friends)

Seeing my seven –year –old  looking very  confused by the big brother’s   response ,I   burst  into  a loud laugh.
However    regaining  my composure  after a while ,I quickly  said, 'Joey becomes a kangaroo'.

Tut! Tut! Now  both my sons  eyebrows are raised..

What a confusion!!

2 : Mistaken identity

Ask a ten year old anything but politics.Recently in my son’s class during the General knowledge period, they were questioned on current affairs.They were shown  a picture of  the recently humiliated Libyan leader and asked to identify.They all  seemed to know the answer and  very confidently responded  in the midst of loud  giggles; ‘That's Mr Bean! ‘


  1. ROFL!!! MR BEAN!!! Thats a very funny answer. You must be having a helluva time managing your sons;) Happy parenting!

  2. How true! Children with their innocence, sense of wonder and mischief make us forget our worries and make life worth living:)

  3. Hahaha Thanks for sharing this! I had a good laugh!