Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blogging, A Leisure Pursuit

Although people blog for varied reasons they  have one thing in common: an interest to convey freely their thoughts and opinions.Blogging is a tool for online networking.You can share your accomplishments,disappointments, rejoice your achievements and get feedback from your online friends.Being aware of the fact  that there's a  group of readers who show a genuine interest in the  posts you publish and leave you with compliments and best wishes,amplifly your  gratification further.However if criticism is in the offing, learn to take that in your stride as well.Productive criticism from readers should be encouraged so as to  further improvise  blog contents.A blog is typically updated on a daily basis.It is  up to the blogger what he/she wishes to write and it is  the blogger’s choice  again if he/she wanted  their  online diary   publicly shared  over the internet.
Blogging was first started in 1997, by an American  named John Barger.And since then  millions have followed suit.My journey into blogosphere started a little more than three years ago. My blog is my online memoir.Although I am not  up to date,I love browsing through web contents shared by various bloggers from all over the globe.It allows me to learn a diversity of topics and subjects from  people with different backgrounds and cultures  even though poles apart. Little by little with the upsurge of  readers  from across the world, a unique kind of friendship develops,even if it is only by way of commenting on each others blog posts. Reading interesting posts written by other  bloggers and reacting  favourable on their blogs, indoctrinates mutual  understanding  and trust between the bloggers.
Blogging is my leisure pursuit.I write what I am most passionate about: My home and everything around it, the funny anecdotes of my children,their activities and my gastronomic know hows.I have benefited a lot by blogging. Not only I have  gained  new friends but also the opportunity to  exchange ideas,opinions and recipes. Blogging keeps my  mind focused and helps  my writing skills from wilting.


  1. I started for different reasons other than leisure pursuit. It began as my journal to help me move forward. And support has been most helpful.
    As I am moving forward I hope to be able to write more for leisure and continue with what I enjoy too.

    Happy Mother's day to you..

  2. My favorite part of blogging is the glimpse into other people's lives. After a few years, you really start to feel like you know people.

  3. I love writing and that's why I became a blogger. It's nice to meet new people and learn about their thoughts. Writing itself is a rewarding activity. By the way, I have tagged you in one of my recent posts.

    Hope you'll find some time to answer questions! Have a nice day!

  4. nice post and writing style...