Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Blood Sugar Solution

For the last couple of months I have been  deeply engrossed in  ‘ Doctor Mark Hyman’s  ‘Ultra Wellness blog’ and  have gathered so much of  information about ‘Diabesity’-a merge between diabetes and obesity. I also enjoyed reading all the rants and the reviews about his latest book.However,since recently,I  have not been able to  do so habitually due to a defect in the computer.I guess our computer system cannot handle more than one program in one go.The computer keeps crashing and I can no longer have several internet applications running at a time.However I am not  tech savvy  to  identify the  hitch.So until this  issue is rectified,I  have  to  patiently bear  with the  slow loading and the sudden crashes which  to some extent is disrupting my social networking.
On the other hand, to my surprise, a couple of  days ago,my dear hubby had  checked in at   the   bookstore in the vicinity   and got me the hard cover. Now I am all set to read….
And so, without further ado,let me  break away   from  the frustrations   generated by this   faulty tech system and the mayhem caused by  an equally faltered immune system and discover some techniques  to get things back to normal with the guidance   of the  ‘Blood Sugar Solution’ . 


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  2. hm,, such an interesting book.. nice.