Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dealing With Diabetes

Even though I was feeling a bit keyed up,I was raring to get to the hospital quickly to collect my HBA1c glucose result.The week before, I was advised by my doctor to check my blood sugar readings for the previous three months.Uncertain what the outcome would be,I waited for my turn to be called in.I didn’t know why I was getting edgy since I very well know that I have totally changed my dietary habits and have been following a rigid exercise plan.Overall, my diet consists of  healthy portions of protein and  limited amount of carbohydrates and besides,I have stopped eating sweets altogether.
Last February,when I was first diagnosed with diabetes,my HB A1c reading was 7.8,since then I have come a long way.Just before I went on vacation I was asked again to do the A1c test and I was as surprised as the doctor,when the reading showed up as  5.5. This unanticipated evaluation kept me in high spirits throughout the summer holidays.Then came the month of fasting where I couldn’t resist the savouries that I prepared for my family to feast at the time of breaking the fast.Though I ate in moderation,there were a few times that I gave in to my cravings.When a craving set in for a particular food from the’ untouchable list’- the foods that I have been advised to clear steer of,I would uncontrollably ( not all the time) nibble bits and pieces of it. Walking down the hospital corridor to see the doctor,sent my heart racing.My mind was clogged with a lot of questions.Though I brushed them aside as unnecessary,I feared for the worst. ‘Will I have a higher reading this time’? ‘Will the doctor increase the medicine dose?or will I be introduced to insulin’.I knew I was,pointlessly tensed as ever.How so ever,after a couple of minutes,I got the most astounding news.I was so taken aback when the doctor, who with a broad smile on her face, congratulated me and said that my A1c was 4.9.( which is considered as normal range) Wow! Didn’t that bring a broad smile on me too!
She has even reduced the medicine to one dose a day.And she also mentioned if I continue with my present dietary and exercise plan, by next month, she would take me off medicines.I am,as a result,relieved that the strategy to keep the diabetes  under control is  working  for me.More than anything I am gratified that I was actually paying heed to the doctor.Regrettably, many usually don’t, when it comes to reducing sugar and starches.Most often its easy to pinpoint other things that lead to diabetes.We are so much to be blamed .We lead a stressful lifestyle and play an inactive role daily. We tend to eat at different times and shove into our mouths unhealthy food everytime our tummy rumbles.We treat our bodies like a thrash can, dumping all the superfluous and rotten stuff.Diabetes makes you lethargic,exhausted and inactive if you let it.I didn’t want that happening to me.So instead of being disturbed over this health issue I took charge and rejuvenated. Together with my go-getters: diet and exercise ,I was able to bring my sugar level to normal range.I also owe a big ‘thank you’ to Doctor Mark Hyman, for making available ‘The blood sugar solution',which has  provided readers with wonderful guidelines and an abundant of information.To me it was like a God send.I was so ignorant and uninformed about so many things related to diabetes and reading this book helped broaden my awareness about diabetes,diabesity and the consequences of the disease. I also learnt that reducing weight and sustaining healthy weight can help perk up insulin sensitivity and glycemic control.Incorporating life style changes is an excellent approach for diabetes control and management and also to improve ones state of health, both physically and mentally.
I  snack on fruits not sweets
I eat plenty of leafy greens
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  1. Diabets is most common deases for people even in Indonsia

  2. I'm so glad that you are having such excellent results controlling your diet with diabetes. Thank you for sharing your experience. It can really help people to read other's experiences.

  3. If you can control diabetes with diet then it is wonderful. My hubby is stills struggling to keep his A1C under 6.2