Monday, October 15, 2012

Digital Scrapping And Bits & Pieces

Why do some websites simply disappear within a short phase after surfacing on the internet.I was spellbound by the uniqueness of one particular site as it kindled in me my passion for scrapbooking but then left me in the lurch due to its abrupt departure.However,such sites boost up your hidden talents and motivate your creativity as they treat you lavishly with lovely tools  they feature on their sites. Along with that, they endlessly pester us  to become a member of their site.Apparently in the initial stages everything is provided for free.We often fall into the trap.Suddenly we feel secured on these sites.They become part of our lives. Once we are hooked to the site we wouldn’t even imagine interacting with  any other sites because we tend to become virtually attached to a certain website and depend on it for everything.When we have reached that point, we are lured again with their sweet talking to become a paid member so that we may enjoy a lot more cooler stuff.
For almost three years, I had been avidly active on this scrapbooking site which had also become my favourite surfing spot on the internet. This website made life a little more easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.I spent my pastime creating many picture blogs and cards using whimsical embellishments,stickers and background themes offered by them.This web site gave me enough opportunities to design and put together old photographs and make online digital scrap books and cards.How convenient it was when the children needed help with their school projects and assignments.Glad I was able to help them using the countless tools that was made available in this website.On every occasion,whether it was a birthday,anniversary or a festival,I never missed the opportunity to make beautiful cards for friends and family.I also made a lot of memorable digital scraps and cards under different topics and was very contented with my achievement.
But alas! I was thoroughly disappointed when the site closed down their network unexpectedly.I lost most of my creations which I had saved on my ‘personal page’ on their site.Although at that time  they alerted us about the closure and reminded us to download our creations as backups, I managed to save only a few due to time limit.On the other hand the few I had saved got deleted owing to a virus that invaded our computer sometime ago.
A number of times I have surfed the internet looking for comparable sites to fill the void. Regrettably,I have nt still  found one to stir up my creativity.In the meantime. I have found another technique to create cards for family and friends.Old photographs and random pictures from my desktop come to my rescue in this instance. All I do now is refill my printer with Canon MP560 ink cartridges and upload pictures from my desktop and get them printed. Other times I scan my children’s drawings and send them as greeting cards to family. I am simply amazed at the outcome. They are as good as cards from the store.However, refilling with Canon MP560 ink a few times will often cost more but since the finish product is exceptional, I would n’t think twice about replenishing my printer with ink cartridges whenever the need arises.

A digitally created card




  1. Lovely digital cards. I normally are quite illiterate when it comes to stuffs like these and normally will get my teenage sons to do it for me. happy blogging to you

  2. The card you created is far nicer than those from the store. I bet your family and friends agree.

  3. Excellent work..Great effort.