Sunday, November 18, 2012

Expressing With Emoticons

Surprisingly I happen to love Facebook and my electronic mail boxes  these days.Why this sudden interest you may ask me. It is not because of the buildup of strangers in my friend list who for reasons unknown would like to be my friend,or for the influx of nonsensical forwards that keep accumulating in my junk mail boxes but mainly  for the reason I  get a chance to be  creative and  expressive. Internet  users are being  enticed  to the maximum with  various kinds of emoticons to enhance their  communication  with different applications such as funny symbols and  cool animated pictures  to express  feelings and thoughts across to friends and family.Emoticons  have  become a popular internet mode  of expressing  thoughts and feelings to the one we communicate with  on social media. In the beginning keyboards symbols were used to express different moods, depicting  more of a shorthand method of expression. Now you can generate a variety of easy to use  new emoticons on Facebook, Gmail and other social media,by simply copying  the code to chat or inbox messages and mails which accordingly  transform into  appropriate icons.It was quite by chance that I stumbled upon a  fascinating website that offers  dozens of symbols and chat emoticons for free  which can be used on many social networking sites.You can download a whole lot of animated pictures and symbols from this site ,which of course  is for free.This website offers you a  free download of their application called ‘My Emoticons’ that enables you  to affix an assortment of  Gmail emoticons,winks and smileys  on your   face book page, gmail and on hotmail..
An  emoticon is a representation of facial expressions by means of punctuation marks, alphabets and numbers that is generally employed to express someone's feelings or mood when communicating via  electronic mails and messages. It is a fast growing  communication fad  in Cyber-land.Emoticons at present are  most popular among facebook, gmail and mobile phone users. On the other hand, it was frustrating , when I didn’t know how to interpret emoticons and had no idea what these signs were trying to tell me in messages that were sent  to me by friends. I was clueless about the whole thing. All I was able to do was scratch my head wondering what the heck the signs indicated.To me, at the beginning, they were meaningless, unnecessary and a waste of time. I assumed it as some sort of  a  decoration simply to impress the reader. Nonetheless with time ,I learnt to appreciate these tiny  symbols that  speak volume, as they  loud  and clearly express to the other person, on the other side of the line, our moods, thoughts and feelings  thus making it  possible  for the reader to exactly understand  what we are trying to convey. How cool is that!.


  1. I enjoy using them on facebook particularly. Especially the happy face. :)

  2. They are fun aren't they. It's quite interesting to use them on the WhatsApp for the mobile messages, makes for fun messaging.