Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Little Guy Who Stole Our Hearts

The past  two weeks went off so quickly.The children were at home as schools were  closed for Hajj.Hajj is an obligatory ritual performed by Muslims throughout the world. Muslims  from all over the globe come to the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia to perform this rite. During this period,offices,schools and other establishments remain closed. I had many things  planned for the break,but only a few materialized How so ever,they were all worth while.Since the boys were going to be at home I had already organized  some activities to keep them occupied.We got them some crafts and puzzles and kept them busy throughout.It was a relief  as I didn’t have to give ears to  squabbles and complains , as they were pretty much occupied with activities. While the children were engaged in  various indoor games ,I found ample time for myself too.And  it was during this time that a program that  my husband and I watch eagerly on television, came to its closing stages. The past  few months,a popular reality show telecasted  in an Indian  television channel,Vijay TV, kept my husband and I  spellbound. It wasn’t a family serial or a game show that usually kept most housewives entertained but a talent  competition. This was  aimed for aspiring  juniors with  a good voice.One particular youngster  mesmerized us right from the beginning and  a great  sense of  euphoria  settled  in when he was awarded the title after beating four other contestants in the Grande Finale.I was as surprised as my children when we realized,hubby dear,who otherwise was not a television enthusiast,was thoroughly enjoying this  program , all because of this  10 -year-old  who sang with such dedication and passion.Three cheers to Aajeedh!!! Hip hip hurrah!!

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  1. Oh ! You watch vijay tv? Great! I loved Aajeedh's performance right from day one:) especially the kanneerey song in the finals. Mesmerising voice, indeed!