Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Parlez-Vous Français?'

This is in response to the article which appeared in todays MSN, ( July 9th) under the title 'Parlez-Vous Français?'

'Parlez-Vous Français?' ,Years ago my father used to pose this question to my siblings and I, which eventually became the reason for my great enthusiasm in learning French. During our younger days, We were quite fascinated by the French language beginner's ,step-by-step course, which appeared weekly in a newspaper supplement ( SatMag) and thereon paved the way for my interest in learning French.'Talking about the French Language', the article which appeared in today's MSN Coffee Break, revitalized those beautiful memories of my childhood.And today,as the people in France celebrate Bastilles day,I celebrate my triumph for having my memory intact and getting those ten phrases all correct, in the fun and friendly quiz, courtesy MSN encarta.'Oui,Je parle Français'.Vive La France!

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