Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift For My Daughter


Today my second daughter ,turned fourteen.The last two days , I was wondering what I should give her on her great day.Eventually I decided to make her a surprise gift- a hand-made card. Hence before the crack of dawn,I  quietly started working on my tools.I had already downloaded the digital card that I designed and got a print out of it..And the rest of the materials that was used in making the card was recycled stuff. Moreover,this card was better than the earlier cards I had experimented,thus  I managed to  click some photos in the process .After my task was done, I sneaked into her bedroom and placed it on her dresser .She was all smiles when she woke up and saw her surprise gift. 


And then she had more surprises at school .....

compliments from her friends.....

So sweet....


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  1. I see the mum's love behind the card. 14 years! I can't image the day when my daughter becomes 14. Well done! Especially you are far away from your parents and old friends. So am I.