Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainy Day Chronicles

It’s Midnight-And it’s raining outside. The room is in full darkness .I remember switching on the night lamp before going to bed.’Maybe I have got up in the middle of a dream’, rubbing my eyes hard, I convince myself. Pulling my share of the blanket , I try to get back to sleep, when I hear a cry from the children’s room ,that  is right across the hallway. That’s when I realized that this wasn’t a dream.The lights were out due to a power cut.To reassure that everything was allright ,I managed to stagger up to  their room and comfort the frightened kids.I waited in their room till they went back to sleep. Needless to say,  I too drifted back to sleep with them.

This morning -it is still  raining, pouring to be precise.Peeping through the blinds,I could see the roads  filled with water.My husband and I have decided not to send the children to school today. They still don’t know our decision,but once they wake up, they’ll be euphoric.

A moment ago-drinking a hot cup of tea, I  remembered an earlier converstion I had with my son.That particular day ,we had almost finished our shopping, when there was a slight drizzle, we hurried back home.I mentioned to my husband that we needed to buy an umbrella. Upon hearing this, my son prompted ’No..Mom we need to buy two’, ‘One for us and one for God”..Taken aback, I asked him why God needed one.His innocent answer really bowled us over.”Mom you always say that God is everywhere, so when it rains, even God gets wet.’

Now- The power is on and I am recounting the whole episode to you!

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  1. Asalam Alaykum oh mashAllah how cute. Its the best thing on earth when they let us know they we have taught them something.

    Btw it was even raining here in Riaydh, Saudi Arabia for 2 days and we usually only get a bot of rain one day a year.