Friday, January 28, 2011

Odds And Ends

While clearing some odds and ends from the cupboard ,I came across an old copy of my favourite magazine.I was surprised and kept wondering why I  had  preserved this particular one. After having finished my task and out of sheer curiosity, I clutched the ‘aged’  magazine and sat in a cosy corner to browse. As I was flipping through  the brittle pages, one particular page caught my attention. A  couple of lines in the  paragraph of an article was highlighted. I bent over to read the content which   interprets  as follows ’to retain the strength of old books , sprinkle grey ash between pages’. ‘This will prevent the pages from becoming brown and brittle’ .Then I remembered and realized that this paragraph had caught my attention previously too, and that was the reason I had highlighted  the text with a marker pen,probably to read again.If only I had seriously experimented the highlighted tips at that time , almost certainly, my ‘preserved’   magazine too, would have  been  all white and clean.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visting my blog. interesting article... just wondering if the ash will dirty the pages?

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