Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adieu To The Grand Old Banyan Tree

Standing tall ,right in front of my childhood home, this banyan tree depicted a humble woman, with beautiful long strands .Some days the strands looked like they were braided and at other times during the rainy season , she would look all scruffy and drenched  . Although a bit curious, we  would eagerly wait to hear the piece of sad  music that came from somewhere atop this banyan tree and used to wonder  why the cuckoo bird lamented.She was so  graceful and strong and braved the many  turbulent weathers.The  squirrels, that scampered up and down her outstretched branches relied on her for safety and comfort. It was not only the squirrels that  ran up to her for warmth, there were other animals too,that made her their safe haven, whenever they wanted to escape the prying eyes..We all depended on the shade she  provided during the  hot fiery afternoons.
But Alas ! like all living things that must come to an end,this grand old banyan tree too succumbed to old age, leaving a great emptiness in our surroundings.  
And with her   went  the  aura  of tranquility.  Her absence is greatly felt.

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