Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Weather

It’s past bedtime. And there goes the sound of the raindrops.The weather is getting colder and unbearable. Earlier in the evening, the children were beginning to  sneeze and cough. Everyone at home is experiencing some sort of  irritation from the effect of this cold weather.I tried to relieve their distress with a home remedy.And it needed a lot of cajoling to make them drink the nice hot soup that I made,thanks to the instant soup packet.I stack a few for an emergency like this. I wish I had made them some home made, but anyway that was not possible. It would take more than an hour and by that time probably they would all be sound asleep. In any case the instant one came in handy at this hour.It somewhat  relieved them.The cold air outside can also be a factor for triggering my  children's allergies. The street lights began to flicker and the youngest wanted to know if  we might experience another power failure.I said we might not. Soon after my reassurance he fell asleep.

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  1. I hope that everyone gets better soon. My Maia had the colds earlier this year too because of the extreme weather changes. When she started having a runny nose, I immediately turned on our vaporizer because I didn't want her mucus to thicken up, congest by her throat and eventually turn into phlegm. The steam from the vaporizer gives her room that "just-right" level of humidity that prevents her colds to become congested. The slight humidity, in turn, made the chilly nights bearable for her.

    Now she has a cough but only slight and not "phlegm-y". So we just give her lots of liquids to wash it down. I think it also helped that we apply camphor/menthol/eucalyptus oil (it's like petroleum jelly but with eucalyptus) on her chest, back, and soles of her feet. We read somewhere that it blocks out the "cold" from entering her body, and helps in getting rid of the cough. It seems to work!

    Of course, these are only home remedies. If your child has a bad case of colds and cough (like, she can't breathe, or her cough is really "phlegm-y") then by all means, take her to the doctor.