Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time And Tide Wait For None

This morning there was an electrical shortage in the computer and it  was immediately sent to the  technician to have it fixed. Actually I didn’t know what to do, to while away ,till  it was being  done. With the children gone to school, the house was  very quiet. That’s when I began to hear a different kind of ‘noise pollution’.The pigeons coo, coming from atop the  TV antenna and the angry mews of the hungry cats ,which was imminent from the trash can. In fact I also actually  heard the sound of the wind sweeping across this chilly morning. It was  always a figment of my imagination to envisage  the wind to whisper softly  and sweetly as it passed by, but this was nothing like that. This was something like a howl, a scolding perhaps by mother nature for not appreciating the beautiful morning. On the whole this temporary halt from my computer time, made me become conscious and enjoy the mornings’ glory, which  otherwise would have completely gone to  waste.

- The time missed or the time wasted is the time lost forever-.

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  1. That is so true, and it also applies to time wasted that should be spent with our family and children..:)