Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Made Bread


         Baking a perfect loaf of bread needs a lot of practice and patience, sadly I did n't possess both these qualities  when I decided to bake a loaf. Having watched a few demonstrations on You tube, I wanted to try my hands on this too. This was my first attempt (and most probably won't be the last) .As per the instructions ,I baked it in a water bath: with another tray filled with water. I was thoroughly contented with the outer covering,which looked crusty and  fine, an ideal cover for the ‘not–so-well-done’ texture , inside of the bread.. It wasn’t easy as it seemed, kneading  and shaping  the dough. In the end  with a few “karate’ like  punches, I was able to soften the dough. However I need to put in a lot of  extra effort a few more times before getting the   taste of   perfect home made  bread. Anyway  with all the flaws  in it, the freshly baked loaf was  greatly enjoyed . And I am  motivated outright by the ratings given by hubby and children and  now have plans  to work harder  to bake to perfection .


  1. Nah, gotta go with my Aunt Donna's recipe for fresh baked white bread. Passed on from her grandmother who fed a farm crew of 18 in the early 1900's, it does take a touch, and a free standing electric mixer (she did it by hand back in the day, her grandma must have had the biceps of Arnie Schwartenzegger), but I have the instructions I can pass on, if you want some serious home baked bread that commands respect.

    Aynzan, Let me know,


  2. Anonymous10 February

    Hi, just blog hopping, hope you could pay me a visit too

  3. @ Fredd ..Thanks for your kind consideration..I ll let you know when I seriously think of making bread again.

  4. that looks gorgeous, I love making bread but had my ups and downs. I hope I'd perfect it soon :)

  5. I have tried many times to bake bread, if I carry on I'll be able to build a house! I love fresh warm bread and that looks mouth watering