Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Aftermath Of Cooking

Cleaning the kitchen after cooking is not an easy task for a ‘somewhat clumsy’  cook. Thinking  of it makes the head spin. But one way or another it has to be done.Imagine the pile of dishes, pots, pans and the spills and splatters,  all waiting to be cleaned and scrubbed till spick and span. Often people living in apartments have to deal with the odour that seeps after sometime , from cooking.This happens because there is n’t enough ventilation for the cooking smoke to escape.Thus the house is filled with smoke like air ,causing  embarrassing situations when you have unexpected visitors show at your door.

I came across some interesting and useful tips that would become  handy the next time you want to clean your kitchen. It’s amazing how these simple household chemicals act as cleaning agents that assist in making  the kitchen spotless .All these products  could be found in your kitchen.So you don’t have to worry about  spending any extra money.

To clean the oven- mix 330ml of bicarbonate soda with a little water to get a thin paste. Apply this inside the oven. Leave it for a few hours and rinse.

To deodorize the refrigerator-place half a lemon dipped in salt in the middle shelf of the fridge.

Bicarbonate of soda-removes grease, dirt spills and stains from carpets and surfaces.

Vinegar-deodorizes and act as a mild disinfectant

Lemon juice-is a natural bleach.Could be used as stain remover and surface cleaner.

Olive oil- use sparingly as furniture polish and finger print remover for stainless steel.

Happy Cleaning!



  1. Looks like a tasy meal in the making! I once had a recipe box like that. I think it's at mother's house. Gonna try the oven cleaner.

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  4. Thanks for all the tips! I have a tiny house, and try as I might, I can never keep it clean. And that is with no kids! Granted I am not always motivated, so I when I do clean I need all the help I can get. I have used baking soda before, and I have tried vinegar, but I will take a stab at using the lemon in the fridge. Thanks so much.

  5. Great tips. All the 'ingredients' you can use smell much better than chemicals too!

  6. Way to go! Proud you! You were one of my first followers when I first started blogging!Thanks. Sandra (Just Playin')

  7. Thanks Sandra..Yeah I am still..