Friday, February 11, 2011

Mother's Musings

How time has flown ! My oldest daughter was just 3 months old ,and travelled in a bassinet in a flight from our native land  to Saudi Arabia.I had gone home for my delivery and returned back to the kingdom ,with the first born who was  just a few months old. Harking back to that day, more memories of days gone by, flood my mind.
Even though she  towers over me now.I still envisage her as the  little girl who kept me on my toes all day. She would be with me where ever I went.Creeping  into the the kitchen , she would imitate me. Many times I had to hunt for the spoons and spatulas that she would take to play  and misplace them somewhere in the house.There were times I had laughed in silence at the way she played with the household items , as if they were her play mates.

And now I cannot imagine how the time had gone by. This March she will be sitting for her class 12th, board exams and thus finish school. She’ll be entering another phase in her life.Although my husband and I would continue to encourage and guide her,  it will be her  decision in opting for what is good for her, academic wise. 
During childhood and throughout their adolescent years, we as parents, make decisions for  our children. As they pass through the  metamorphic stage, transforming into adults, they become remarkably wise  to make  their own decisions ,which would be the starting point to their future, whether academic or otherwise.Thus We have to accept and respect the choices they make. 

Another interesting incident that keeps flashing in my mind is that particular day back in 1999, when she was in the first grade and was  going to sit for her term exams for the very first time. And I being an over anxious mother advised her to pray quietly and turn to God , if she found anything difficult. And back came her answer, “that’s cheating mom” .
Recounting this to her today, she went red in the face.

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