Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Binge Shopper

How much do you love shopping? I guess you would probably say a lot.Anyway don’t we all love shopping? We wait in earnest, for any occasion, to shop for our favourite things. Besides, when we have some extra cash to spend, wouldn’t we think of buying that home appliance, we had been dreaming of,for ages.Subsequently when we have to cater to a large family,it’s sometimes necessary to shop in between our next scheduled shopping, because we fear that the desired item if not purchased immediately, may run out of stock or become outdated .

However, there are people who love to shop every week or so, and buy items they didn’t specifically need.This type of people fall into the category of compulsive shoppers. Shopoholics,as they are commonly  known ,tend to shop for things beyond their expenditure.They become extravagance in their spending .The things that are purchased are not all essential to them. Every thing luxury and in the latest trend would find the way into their shopping carts. I believe they hate to bargain!

They over indulge in spending on expensive things beyond their budget. Shopoholics get the urge to go on a shopping spree every now and then .And that’s what they do- binge shopping. They spend their money on superfluous items and later regret at their impulsiveness. These shoppers become very  satisfied and get a great sense of accomplishment of how they had  shopped and not by, what they had  shopped .

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  1. Aynzan today the entire market place is designed to seduce.. we have all become compulsive consumers - it is only the degree that differs. People have a lot of disposable income and they spend it on things they do not need - things which in our childhood we used to consider luxuries..