Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eek! A Snake

Whether this is a verse, a canto,a stanza or whatever that may deem fit to denote in one word the writing I have herein put in black and white, was instigated  by a rattle snake which stayed overnight at my parent's home during my younger days. The snake was not inflicted in any way, as it went back quietly to where it belonged.( the zoo)

One Sunday,
This slimy creature
Wrapped well in shiny leather
Came in through the door, left ajar

Mother unaware
Engrossed deep in the
Sunday Paper

Then She thought
It was the figmentation
Of her imagination
When she sensed company

She gaped
When she saw this slimy  creature
Cosily coiled up in
Father’s favourite chair.

Digitally created

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