Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cleaning The Clutter In Us

When ever the word clutter, is mentioned, we immediately think of the room, the computer desk or the kitchen. But how often do we think of the clutter in us, the clutter we have created and collected in our heads. The clutter collected up there is an emotional baggage we carry within us, which in other words could be phrased as  a profusion of total confusion. As much as reorganizing  an unkempt room by putting things back in proper places, we need to seriously focus on clearing up the mess holed up in our heads too. All that litter collected in our mind could result in an emotional mayhem. Chaos and confusion takes place, storing bitter and negative feelings, that allow our brains to get tangled and go kaput . And more still, if we didn’t undo these knots sooner, there could be a propensity to let these uncertainties take control of our lives, which could eventually lead to a  nervous breakdown. Next time, let us not think  only of  tossing away  the scraps from the kitchen counter or the unnecessary items from the bedroom dresser. Let’s begin to clean that rubbish off the mind too. By bottling our emotions, there’s always a tendency to flare up at the slightest aggravation. By decluttering and tossing away all those negativity, our minds become  more smarter, much cleaner and healthier. Thus, we become better persons.. 

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