Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barney And Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones, the cartoon characters created by Hanna- Barbera in the 1960s,is still loved by most of us. Even the younger generation born  in this new millenium are  fascinated by  these entertaining characters .What’s so humourous about this show is that  animals  are being portrayed as technology.Their  mode of transport and their house pet,besides many other things , are implemented by a pre historic animal the dinosaur. This animated  series is set in a place called Bedrock,in the stone age period. My children got drawn towards  this particular cartoon show,from the time they were toddlers when anything animated attracted their attention.As much as they love watching Barney and Fred Flintstone on television,they love reading about them too. And lately my nine year old has
started to sketch these toons by simply looking at the original pictures.

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  1. Mashallah he is so good and artistic, he should keep up improving himself :). I adore flintstone as well.