Monday, February 14, 2011

Papaya, A Nature's Healer.

Papaya or papaw is a fruit found in tropical countries.It is very healthy  and has an extensive list of nutritional values.Papaya helps easy digestion and boasts the immunity levels.The ripe fruit when eaten regularly help do away with constipation, at the same time the raw papain compensates the deficiency of gastric juices and wards off excess mucus in the stomach.There are many advantages of the Papaya juice. It can be used as cosmetic,to clear the freckles due to exposure to sunlight.It helps clean the skin and get back the glow.Papaya tastes delicious in salads and gives wonderful flavor in juices and milk shakes.The raw papaya is curried with  zesty herbs and spices.The juice of raw papaya mixed with honey, another nature’s healer, could be applied over inflamed tonsils and other throat disorders .And even the seeds are of medicinal value.The paste of papaya seed is effective on skin diseases caused by ringworm. Lately it has  come to light that the juice of papaya leaves is used in treating patients with dengue fever and has been a success. All of us at home relish the fresh ripe ' papaw’ the name rightly referred by most of us. Having papaya in the refrigerator, comes in handy when the children suddenly call for dessert.Once in a while, as a special treat, I let them indulge into a wonderful dessert,that is made in a jiffy. Everyone at home enjoys a bowl of  fresh ripe papaya cut into bite- size pieces and sweetened with condensed milk. We also love the refreshing taste of papaya  milkshake. Cheers!

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